Up your game today

A responsive website showing off their business in a stunning location


Being successful in anything is about having a formula and preferably one that works. Having a good sales formula is also like a factory production line. When there is a part missing, such as no wheels on the car, then the production line stalls, sales becomes difficult and you end up with famous phrases such as, “I think it’s this”, “I think it’s that” and “Why don’t we try”. That’s you on a slippery slope downhill.

In this fast-paced world of change, what worked yesterday could be losing steam today. I can build any sales formula from scratch or look at an existing sales formula, isolate, strengthen positive actions and also root out the negative components which prevent sales, then put the jigsaw puzzle back together with a stronger advantage.

The challenge

To take their previous old, non-responsive website and create a new website that shows off what they are about and is easier for users to find the right business consultant or information that they are looking for, as well as being responsive and easy to for them to maintain. The site needed to have much more of a visual impact so that people got a feel for what Up Your Game Today was all about and are more inspired to come to Up Your Game Today for advise.

Visual Identity

We created a new website for Up Your Game Today to use as  marketing material, giving the company a fresh new look to help them stand out from their rivals.

Responsive Design

Take a look at their website below